Joseph Jonas and Demi Lovato’s Make A Wave.

I have always adored ocean, despite the fact that I haven’t gone to any.*Yeah pathetic*. However, lets put that negative thoughts aside *Yeah rite*, this is the best time to go dive into some crystal clear beach and just get wet.

My moods have been swinging berserk. Seriously. I can be at the pinnacle of enjoying myself to the limit but at the same time, with that split second, a glimpse of the eyes, I’ll be thrown into the pit of depression and stuck in the world of forlorn souls.

It’s personal. I’m at the brink of giving up of what I have been pessimist-ed at.

Alrighty, enough with the dear-diary part. Lets talk about Joseph in the video. Oh he really is captivating to look at. I can just stare at his myriad of photos I posses and smile sheepishly like a person who has lost his insanity. Completely loco.


p.s. I’m slowly recovering from your sudden absence.