When you are very certain that you have really moved along and turn not back at your past.
When you have never craved for the memories to be reminded.
When you wish everything that had happen would turn to dust, vanish and perish like some apparition of smoke swept by the soft wind.
When you think that you have parted and taken two different roads and hope that your paths wouldn’t cross.
When you think that you have finally got those feet of yours back on the ground.

Out of sudden, some random time proved that all those ‘whens’ and ‘ifs’ were all futile and in vain.
It had left a great impinge on you that the heart still skipped a beat upon your presence.
You’re smitten by just a single shook of hands.
You would turn reddish by the casual but comfortable cuddle you wish time would halt.
You just wanted to lock your gaze and never looked away.
You just needed to listen to that smooth deary voice that would make your heart went berserk.

That’s when you know you had fallen for that particular person all over again.
Just like how you felt during your first encounter.

Yeah, basically that what happened to me last night.

p.s. I miss us. I just realized that.