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I’m not a lover anymore, I have become your official stalker.
Well, it’s because we’re obviously not meant to be together and you’re undoubtedly happy with your other half there, I might as well give a big slap to my face to make me realize how daft and stupid I am all this while.
So, I have decided to slowly let you go. I know it’s hard.But I’ll try.

That’s why I’m a stalker now.
I will try to avoid bumping into you, heck I’ve been avoiding you since last week and I have triumphed.
It’s a sort of an indicator that I shall never have your love.

Plus, I think stalking is cool and slightly romantic.

p.s. Some may call it stalking, I call it love.

p.s.s No no no, this is not the hazardous stalking that mentally impaired people do, I just need to get myself distant from you.