It’s hilarious, seriously because the more I want to avoid you, the more I end up stumble over you. Silly eh?

But I’m glad that you don’t notice me because you’re not really looking, like last Monday which I accidentally saw you three times within 2 hours.

The first was during dusk, around 730 when I inadvertently yelled your name but thank God you didn’t hear my calling.

The second was when you were waiting for the bus, I think it was around 9 and I was in the black Satria Neo.

The last was 10 minutes later, you were in the bus and I was literally in the car adjacent to the bus at the traffic light.
Which I screamed “Oh Shit!” when I realized you were just next to me and I ducked down in the car and hit the hard cover of the firm black file.
and I laughed my arse off.
You were sitting in the bus, your back facing me and I was crossing my finger so that you would not notice my presence.

It’s ironic that we were so close yet so far.
and it’s hilarious.

That night, I dreamt of you.

Littlest things that made my day beautiful.

Heh Joseph!

p.s. Life indeed is crazy.