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You can’t find me here anymore. I have stopped writing in this blog.

The initial plan was to deactivate or delete the blog but it was far too memorial to do that.
I don’t have the heart to do so.
Hence, I’ve made up my mind. I have moved to a new place.


p.s. Adieu sweet memories 🙂


The song that has been my lullaby during the night and the one that has been greeting my morning.

Listen to the lyrics. Pretty much illustrating my being at the moment.

Dan segala yang ku ada
Kuberikan semua
Untuk dirimu saja

Ku mahu dirimu
Bahagia tuk selamanya
Biar sampai syurga
Aku menunggu cinta darimu
Agar ku sempurna

Aku fahami aku bukan terbaik
Tuk dirimu
Namun aku tetap aku
Yang terbaik tuk diriku

p.s. I don’t have the strength to be wait sampai syurga.


I hate you.
I hate you.
I hate you.

I’m a fool!
I’m a fool!
I’m a fool!

I’m not real to you.
I hate you!
I need to hate you.

p.s. It’s been a while I have not cried insanely, and I just did! The loser-love-to-cry Arshad is reincarnated.

*Wave of Love*

Joseph Jonas and Demi Lovato’s Make A Wave.

I have always adored ocean, despite the fact that I haven’t gone to any.*Yeah pathetic*. However, lets put that negative thoughts aside *Yeah rite*, this is the best time to go dive into some crystal clear beach and just get wet.

My moods have been swinging berserk. Seriously. I can be at the pinnacle of enjoying myself to the limit but at the same time, with that split second, a glimpse of the eyes, I’ll be thrown into the pit of depression and stuck in the world of forlorn souls.

It’s personal. I’m at the brink of giving up of what I have been pessimist-ed at.

Alrighty, enough with the dear-diary part. Lets talk about Joseph in the video. Oh he really is captivating to look at. I can just stare at his myriad of photos I posses and smile sheepishly like a person who has lost his insanity. Completely loco.


p.s. I’m slowly recovering from your sudden absence.


the simple reason to love contemporary dance.

Sent shivers down my spine and left me with teary eyes.

Jeanine Mason and Billy Bell.

‘Not Alone’

Music : With or Without you by Keane.

p.s. The leap, I was left in awe. Billy Bell indeed is love.


I’ve been posting a lot of videos lately, I know.
the reason being is because it somehow encapsulates what I think or my emotional being of the day.
And I’m too lazy to type it so I guess let the music narrates my story to you.

this one is a beautiful piece from The Sounds.

Night after night you say you move on
tomorrow, tomorrow
Now, what’s holding you back?
I don’t know, I don’t know
Night after night you say you move on
tomorrow, tomorrow
Now, what’s holding you back?
I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know

p.s. I seriously have to move on and I will.


Tell me how can you breathe?

How can you sleep?

Baby tell me how

How you love me now?

this is what I’m feeling today.

p.s. Hey sunshine, this one’s for you.

p.s.s. Goodbye, the sun rises from here, There’s no more you and I but alas, you’re my sunshine.

I have a very dark confession to be disclosed.
I’ve been stalking someone lately.
Yes stalking.
My oh my.
I think I’m crushing on that person.
Another crush is the last thing on earth I need right now.
The feeling is rather unfathomable and inexplicable.
Stalking, I never knew it can be this fun.
But hey, don’t get me wrong.
I just stalk the person’s blog and FB and Youtube and DevianArt and Friendster and Whoa!!!!
That’s kinda a lot of pages.
but but but there’s no harm in it right?
I just wanna know what the person’s is doing or had done everyday.
And I just stalk per se, I mean I don’t really go and introduce myself or flirt or anything.
there’s no absolute intercourse whatsoever.
So basically there’s no harm in it.

p.s. Been stumbled upon and ran into those figures from my past especially scandals and lovers lately. I need a new impersonation.

p.s.s. I remember this video clearly. Someone dedicated it to me not long ago.

sweet, I mean scary eh?

*Violet Eyes*

hey you, go figure.

because sometimes, I too am tired.

p.s. Who am I to you actually?

p.s.s. Owh Don’t enlighten me, I don’t wanna know because the answer will cut my heart into pieces. So yeah, Don’t tell me.


because this is what I’m feeling tonight

The walls start breathing, my mind’s unweaving,

Maybe it’s best you leave me alone,

A weight is lifted on this evening,

I give the final blow.

p.s. I really hope it will end tonight.