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You can’t find me here anymore. I have stopped writing in this blog.

The initial plan was to deactivate or delete the blog but it was far too memorial to do that.
I don’t have the heart to do so.
Hence, I’ve made up my mind. I have moved to a new place.


p.s. Adieu sweet memories 🙂


*Pieces of Me*

Boy meets girl.
Boy falls in love.
Girl doesn’t.

In my case.
I meet you.
I fall in love.
You don’t.

Poor Tom. Poor me.

Hey, please do watch the movie will you. You’ll be enlightened of how your love has turned me into someone silly. How crazy I was, and still am towards you.

Because comes July, it’ll mark a year of my longing, loving, admiring, missing and waiting for you.

I don’t wanna it to be like in the movie. I wish it can be different.

Reality vs Expectation

p.s. 365 Days of Sunshine, counting.



.a mere word.

What does it mean?

p.s. Jamie Jamie come to me! =)

The song that has been my lullaby during the night and the one that has been greeting my morning.

Listen to the lyrics. Pretty much illustrating my being at the moment.

Dan segala yang ku ada
Kuberikan semua
Untuk dirimu saja

Ku mahu dirimu
Bahagia tuk selamanya
Biar sampai syurga
Aku menunggu cinta darimu
Agar ku sempurna

Aku fahami aku bukan terbaik
Tuk dirimu
Namun aku tetap aku
Yang terbaik tuk diriku

p.s. I don’t have the strength to be wait sampai syurga.


I hate you.
I hate you.
I hate you.

I’m a fool!
I’m a fool!
I’m a fool!

I’m not real to you.
I hate you!
I need to hate you.

p.s. It’s been a while I have not cried insanely, and I just did! The loser-love-to-cry Arshad is reincarnated.

*Rated R*

When you are very certain that you have really moved along and turn not back at your past.
When you have never craved for the memories to be reminded.
When you wish everything that had happen would turn to dust, vanish and perish like some apparition of smoke swept by the soft wind.
When you think that you have parted and taken two different roads and hope that your paths wouldn’t cross.
When you think that you have finally got those feet of yours back on the ground.

Out of sudden, some random time proved that all those ‘whens’ and ‘ifs’ were all futile and in vain.
It had left a great impinge on you that the heart still skipped a beat upon your presence.
You’re smitten by just a single shook of hands.
You would turn reddish by the casual but comfortable cuddle you wish time would halt.
You just wanted to lock your gaze and never looked away.
You just needed to listen to that smooth deary voice that would make your heart went berserk.

That’s when you know you had fallen for that particular person all over again.
Just like how you felt during your first encounter.

Yeah, basically that what happened to me last night.

p.s. I miss us. I just realized that.


Sooner or later, you have to let go of everything. So you may want to start now Arshad. Starting with Sunshine.

p.s. Ok, point noted. But I’ve been trying to let Sunshine go for about 5 months and I’ve failed.


the simple reason to love contemporary dance.

Sent shivers down my spine and left me with teary eyes.

Jeanine Mason and Billy Bell.

‘Not Alone’

Music : With or Without you by Keane.

p.s. The leap, I was left in awe. Billy Bell indeed is love.

I have a very dark confession to be disclosed.
I’ve been stalking someone lately.
Yes stalking.
My oh my.
I think I’m crushing on that person.
Another crush is the last thing on earth I need right now.
The feeling is rather unfathomable and inexplicable.
Stalking, I never knew it can be this fun.
But hey, don’t get me wrong.
I just stalk the person’s blog and FB and Youtube and DevianArt and Friendster and Whoa!!!!
That’s kinda a lot of pages.
but but but there’s no harm in it right?
I just wanna know what the person’s is doing or had done everyday.
And I just stalk per se, I mean I don’t really go and introduce myself or flirt or anything.
there’s no absolute intercourse whatsoever.
So basically there’s no harm in it.

p.s. Been stumbled upon and ran into those figures from my past especially scandals and lovers lately. I need a new impersonation.

p.s.s. I remember this video clearly. Someone dedicated it to me not long ago.

sweet, I mean scary eh?


I just love this picture, that’s all.

p.s. Hey you, am I not noticeable enough? haha