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You can’t find me here anymore. I have stopped writing in this blog.

The initial plan was to deactivate or delete the blog but it was far too memorial to do that.
I don’t have the heart to do so.
Hence, I’ve made up my mind. I have moved to a new place.


p.s. Adieu sweet memories ūüôā


*Helmi..Read This!!!*

I couldn’t get the coziest sleep since Mr Helmi and his friend,Mr Zamri posted an entry on their blog listing all the songs in Siti’s Nurhaliza latest album. A pang of defeat hit me hard.Those guys are currently in UK, Newcastle(I think) yet they manage to grab the song right before I could listen to it.

(Insert sessi sumpah-menyumpah mereka di sini..haha kidding..seriously I’m kidding)

But yesterday was a blessing(blessing la sangat) coz I finally got my hand on the album! and it’s free..I repeat F.R.E.E


A heartfelt thanks to these three guys, Moja,Chip and Azri for ‘coercely’ getting me this as my belated birthday present!

I know this is nothing extra ordinary about this but hey, there’s a point to brag here.Haha.

So Helmi, anda jealous tak?

Tolong la cemburu..coz the first time I hold this album, in a sudden this name blurted from my mind, H.E.L.M.I, sounds familiar right since I have no other friends by this name who’s sharing the same interest with me so obviously it’s you.

*gelak evil*

p/s : A huge thanks also goes to those who surprised me with the birthday cake on New Year’s Eve, you guys and girls could vividly see how excited I was, I went berserk, jumping in gusto upon glimpsing my name on the cake!

*Happy Birthday

Happy birthday to u,

happy birthday to u,

happy birthday dear E**,

happy birthday to u.

Today is my friend’s birthday.


You light up my life when I was on the eve of breaking down.

 You make me appreciate my life.

You make me go effortlessly berserk upon listening to your sweet voice.

You make me shudder and tremble with your version of I Miss You Like Crazy.

You make me living the life of a fox.Sleeping and resting during noon and eagerly and actively wake up at night.

You make me heavily addicted to nestum every night(thank God I ain’t no more).

 You make me laugh my head off.

 You make me weep my fictitious tears.

Thank you for your short precious time you spared me.

It was awesome.I will never forget that jubilant moment.I will never ever forget your unconditional love.


Happy birthday Eyz


*Of Britney Spears and my life




If it to be compared Britney and me, I would rather say that we are in the same shoes right now.

She experienced love. I did.

Then she lost her loved ones(her children) to someone she loved. I did.I lost my bestfriend to another close friend of mine(presently,the past is of concerned).

People unheeded her. Just like me.

She has to do something peculiar in order to be noticed.Err just like me except I don’t get drunk or beat a papparazi.

Nobody understands her situation. Again,just like me.

She won’t make it for three months,they say.I don’t know when I will break down,surrendering to this crucial life.


Pop tart Britney.


Not so pop and tart Acad.


I’m fucking sick. U make me wanna vomit. Gagging all the words I have uttered about you. Is it wrong to be loved? to be noticed? and to be heard? to at least taste the limelight and the bona fide of being loved even it is just a mere sparkle or glitter. I really don’t want to be hard and callous coz it strikes a chord on me that you too are my friend..perhaps one of my closest. But the way you acted seems like a resemblance to¬†Billy Beazer, a friend who is not a friend. Perhaps you are another Billy. I may be picayune but but that does not give you the right to treat me this way. It is maybe inadvertent, yes I know that. But bear in your witty mind that each and every time U are laughing and having fun, you are tearing and shredding the fragile heart of mine. Miserably, my eyes creep..shattering the hope of being wanted.


Hold on Acad..!!Cling to your faith..!!

Don’t let the scorching flames of jealousy blaze you..!!

Let it not possesses you..!!

You are strong!

Don’t crack into the insanity of love even you are on the eve of breaking down!!

Swallow them like you always do..!!



Owh damn it..!! I’m floating in the thin air now if u can see me. The heart is wildly beating like a crazy one.Trembling and shuddering I am. Oh I just love the feeling of fonding to someone.I’m in love..!!Im in love..!!


*Tribute to MPH

Finally, my melancholy misery has ended. I have resigned from my Customer Service Assistant post at Mph. It‚Äôs quite intricate to depict how I felt upon it. Rather indifferent and emotionless I must say. I was happy for the fact that I’m no longer have to housekeep, return and pricing (basically that are my job)..opps not forgotten being a cashier and cleaning and sweeping the shelf and the window. However, at some point I pity them, our deplorably shocking resignation meaning that they have to double or perhaps triple their work because there are loads of merciless and callous task to do since the Book fair is not over yet. My god helps them. So to be on the very save side, better not to think about it over and over again. My lelaki berkerjaya terms is no longer suits me. However it‚Äôs indeed a hell of an enjoyment to be working there. To be dueling with the thickheaded customers are very full of adrenaline episode. Customers emerge in a variety of shapes and attitude resembling some kind of kaleidoscope. Some are nice and warm but others are filthy, arrogant and so on. However, it is really a privilege to be working there and a very thank you for having me and treating me as one of¬†ur family while my tenure¬†albeit my short presence there. U rocks MPH..!!

It was last night. MCR(My Chemical Romance) rocks KL. It was held at Stadium Merdeka. I’m so into the concert coz I’ve been planning it since it was published in the newspaper, their invasion here. Thanks to Ina for gettin us(I went there wit Moja)¬†the tickets. And to Cip also for bertungkus lumus to bank in the money. It was a hell of a show I must say except the fact that we, the possessers of the green zone area’s tickets¬†have to yell, scream our lung out and sumpah seranah the organisers for them to open the damn gate, all went really well. It was scheduled at 6.30 pm but we only got through at about 7.30. WTF!!We missed the opening act by the Malaysia’s talented band, One Buck Short. Mcr emerges around 8 sumthin and all started chaosing and releasing pandominium. It was really fun. I screamed. I yelled. Escaping from the cruel and wicked world I’ve been living in. Damn it was¬†so rejuvenating to do that. Hmmm MR, it really sucks. I dun know wat n where it went wrong. I studied franticly for the final but then the result turns out unexpectedly. But at least I still got above 3,Thank God. I was so ashamed at myself coz my friends,aisshh they are all very fucking good. But like Nel said, the past will be the past no matter what we do to change it.¬†Thanks Nel, U’ve ignite the flame in me..again.






*Salam Perdebatan

It was over!!The most anticipated event last week is all over.And UIA with no remorse¬†grabs all the catogeries without sparing for others to win..again.They won all the three catogories which are the malay,english and arabic debate.Man, I have to agree they are so damn cool.I juz don’t have a slightest idea how they can speak malay that fluent without any slip of the tongue.Seriously if it were me..haha..god knows!!.I fall in love with the first speaker(yes he’s a man..hey dun get me wrong), he somehow mesmerizes and awes me with his talent in oratory. He’s damn good.If he is to be viewed or observed when he does not debating, a such typical guy he is.But when he opens up¬†his sweet(I can’t find any adjectives to describe it)¬†or so mouth, a word uttered and he will not stop.He’s totally rock man!.U go guy!!haha.I watched their team 2 times, first during the qualification match and the other one on the final.They are the¬†GOVERNMENT o KERAJAAN which propose to the usul ‘Democracy di Malaysia semakin subur’ during the final.In my prerogative, the title o the usul is rather bias and sensitive.That title or such¬†should not be given to be debated.I pity the opposition side coz they have to be aware not to highlight a sensitive issue while objecting the proposal.But they are¬†awesome too.Kudos to both team even I did not have the privilege to watch it until the end of the event.Got a bus to catch up!workin maa.¬†U know what makes me think about the proposal,it is another vivid¬†clue that the election will be held soon!Heaven sake,¬†I do not want to imagine what will happen upon that.Malaysia oh¬†Malaysia, what’s happening to¬†U.Too many problems¬†are lingering us, the citizens.Can¬†u imagine, 2 riots in just a week times?What the heck is happening to Malaysia??¬†


Tales 1

Jealousy had fall in love. A tainted love he would say. Tainted yet miraculously toushes him, deep in not just in heart but all over him. Jealousy was a loser then. Pathetic and miserable. He knew nothing yet he wanted to know. He tried endlessly. He has many friends, just merely friends that would take advantages on him. But this is not the tales of his bogus friends, this is the untold story of how he endures the utter transition in his love and life. How he revolves into a new leaf and blooms into a splendid person. His love, he called it Allure. Allure is the sheer contradiction of Jealousy,of course.Allure is swollen with pride, pride over every single thing. But Allure’s exclamation of self-pride is no in vain as Allure is enourmously intriguing and for certain, alluring. Many are enamored and could go berserk over Allure. Perhaps that what Allure told Jealousy no so long ago. Their love is rather incongrous in its own way. It is neither not the first sight love nor puppy and momkey love whatsoever but it is the affection that grows furtively along them knowing each other. Jealousy denied viciously the invisible yet vivid bond that tangled them together. This is utterly wrong!Jealousy could not fell in love. This is so absurd,he would reckon……

End of Tales1