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Another chapter in my life is about to be closed and ended. A chapter that is full of hugs, kisses, loves, spit and shit!.There goes my sem break.After a couple of days of vigorously hunting for jobs around Shah Alam, which all are futile, I’m going home tonight.Returning to my root after approximately 5 months of refuging in Shah Alam. I have succumbed to the fact that searching for jobs is not an easy task.Now I know the crux of why there are many unemployed graduates out there.So, here are my walks that I have taken through out the semester, in random order :

# I was a Cusromer Service Assistant at MPH Sacc Mall during the previous sem break.
# Went to the adrenalin-pumping of My Chemical Romance Live in KL.
# Experienced the first time of working during Hari Raya Haji last year, without celebrating it with my beloved family.
# Got my first officially salary around RM900 for 29 days of torturing works at MPH.
# Handed around Rm1000 to my mum for safe keeping and future use (500 from the salary and from the PTPTN)
# Joined a brilliant drama production as a stage crew.
# A part of Whoa! Willow’s family (refer above).
# Met with a couple of fun crazy loving people, the screwed crews!
# Officially a part of Ethos! Society.
# I’m an active blogger.
# Celebrated Valentine’s with my three friends.
# A social smoker (smoke socially).
# Broke my oath of not smoking again (refer above).
# Went to Jay Chou’s World Tour in KL.
# A ‘petugas’ at 2008 Robocon at UKM ( thanks to Herne)
# Got a sinful crush at someone in Fac who’s taking the same course *blush blush*.
# Successfully painted my nails with black.
# Became more ‘whory’ in front of the camera!
# Clean from any serious relationship!
# Still trying to forget my previous ex.
# Failed the audition of minoring in music.
# Play guitar even tho the progress is at a snail’s pace (thanks to Nel).
# Nominated for the Head of Information Department for Ethos! ( Thanks to Bert).
# The Head of Ethos! Information Department.
# An editor-to-be for Tesl Repulic, the official Ethos! newsletter.
# Spent my PTPTN until the last piece of it.
# Smugly depended on the PTPTN for my 3 months of studying!.
# Had a joyful fun picnicking at Putrajaya with my crazy friends.
# Walked from Sec 9 Komuter to my home at Sec 16!.
# Still searching for a job for the sem break.
# Outrageously became so ‘famous’ for a couple of weeks (Xoxo).
# Looking forward to attend Roxy Summer Splash at Sunway Lagoon.
# In a crucial mission of persuading Mum for a car!

These are the frigging episode of my second sem in my pursuit of happiness. These ‘walks’ coloured my appalling life. Some may be trivial while some are vital.

To everyone-friends,foes,lovers and ex-lovers,bloggers-thanks for cherishing my gloomy life!

God Bless, see you next sem!You are such a Darling!

P/S: There is a huge odds that this blog of mine will be left untouched for quite a while.


I went to an audition this morning.A crucial one.The audition for my minor. This minor thingy has been lingering around my thought for quite a while since we need to pre-register our course for the next sem.There are 3 minors offered by the faculty which is Literature(hmm common), Counselling(common too) and Music(Wow, that’s really something). I was having a hard time in choosing it. I rang my Mom and she suggested to take whether Couselling or Music(that was quite shocking!). I was thinking about majoring in music but rumors have it that we have to undergo a series of audition to be accepted. I called the Pengarah Program yesterday and make a ‘berani mati’ appointment with her.

So, there we were this morning in her office for the meeting.The sequences of the audition are as follow:

She was quite nice and explained everything thoroughly. I was intimidated by her giving information regarding the course.

This silly and wacky thought approached me all of a sudden. I kept picturing me with a guitar on my back going to classes.Cool.I always admire music’s students.They are all very captivating to look.But then, the dream shattered when she told us about the impromptu audition if we still very keen in it.I was deplorably surprised.She wanted to asses us at the moment without any preparation.She said that it’s just a simple audition about pitching, rhythm and perhaps the most shocking was the fact that we had to sing too. Chip went in.Then Nel’s turn.I was so deeply nervous(ah me, u know how I would react like).

I went in and she asked me to stand at the door. She played the keyboard and I have to identify the pitch and utter the sound.

“Laaaaaa…”. My voice cracked.I could feel that the glasses were all smashed into smithereens. I was so nervous. She pressed another key.The result was the same.She told me to stay calm.Then, the rhythm test.She clapped her hands repetitively and I followed.I passed with flying colours.She asked me to sing a song.Numb I felt.Took a very deep breathe, I sang ‘Your Guardian Angel’ by RJA.One verse completed, I stopped.She nodded.Then, miraculously she played the verse that I just sang.OMG.She’s so magnificent. Then, she repeated the pitching test.Some how I got the note.Flattered.She tried another note.Low note.Slightly different.Then she pressed the note that I just matched again.She sighed, pitching lari.End of the nerves-wrecking and adrenaline pumping audition.I failed.When to sit for Syntax 3rd test.

However, the best part is that I keep smiling upon reminiscing it.And still am.What a precious experience!.Hard to get!