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Happy 21st Birthday
Nothing I could offer except our warm peculiar friendship,

You’re my good friend,
You’re my arch rival in everything since high school,
We’re living in the same state,
Our houses are just a stone’s throw,
In 3 years time,
We haven’t actually sit around a table,
Catching up and bantering,
I lost your phone’s number,
You lost mine when I retrieved it,

1 thing that makes me frown is that when you sent me that message,
“dude, I’m at Aussie..how’s life”
Being away and not even a word,

Kita memang kawan luarbiasa,

Then, you’re back,
I texted,
Let’s buka puasa sama2,
Oh cool..!
U uttered,
But when the day came,
Both of us forgot about it,
“aren’t we suppose to buka puasa sesame ke ari ni”
How silly,

So this is for you,
Ya I know you’ll be going back to Aussie,
Well I just wait for your message then.

Lots of love dude~


Ahmad Faiz bin Hasnan

4th November 1987



This is Mikey Way.Have no idea who he is? He’s the little brother of Gerard Way. Still don’t have an inkling who the hell are they? Ever heard of My Chemical Romance?? Yes, they are the members of the band. Mikey is the bassist.

I’m a huge fan of MCR since their first album was launched and during the time, they were not as renowned as they are now. Thanks to my cousin who introduced me to them which during the time, I listened to their cassette. Yes, cassette. But I’m a lil bit disappointed after MTV first premiered their music video and everyone was like into them. Posers, they were everywhere during the time. All over the streets and malls, people were wearing black garments with tight jeans and MCR’s tees after MTV exposed them. I was furious, as I didn’t really fancy my favourite bands to be shared with other people who eventually will brag about how they discover the band first. Stupid and daft!. Finally I came to realize how unjust I was towards the band, they were and still are good and they really deserve to get the credit.

Today is Mikey’s birthday. He is my favorite members of the band. He’s the bassist, the coolest bassist ever. I read his story where some times ago, he was so tensed and depressed due to sleepless nights and of some other reasons. He nearly ended up his life, committing suicide. But he was fortunate as he seek for aid with a specialist. He was cured then and replenished himself. He cut his hair short and dyed it black. Now this is the new resurrect of Mikey Way.

If you’re ever going to read this Mikey, Happy birthday I wish you!

Stay cool, be cool coz you are cool!

*I want his spec for my birthday..anyone??