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*He’s my friend


Thanks Joe for the warm visit.You have carved a smile upon my face,I really needed that.We talked and we laughed.I taught you how to eat ‘roti canai’.I showed you my house and my room.We sang and I really liked the song.I had a very nice day, we should do it more often, together with the rest of the gang..Ha-ha I call them gang. Oh wait, not so often, they’ll call me a maniac, but who cares?

*I have imaginary friends and Joe is one of them*

~Fret not because this is just another bizarre thing about me, this is just me~

P/S : I wish you were real 😦

[Where would I be if I couldn’t dream?]

Anyone who has imaginary friends..care to share?

*Stupidity, A 1st-class

Last Night, 2.30 am….

(Background music : Love You To Death)

I was almost asleep, while listening to the songs on my phone as my lullaby.Then suddenly some one called..


Aku : Hello, saper nie?
Dia : Hello, saper nie?
Aku : Ha? Saper nie? Aku tanya ko dulu..
Dia : (he uttered his name)
Aku : Tak kenal pun?? What do you want??
Dia : Nie saper?
Aku : Ko silap number ni? Ko nak apa? Cari saper?
Dia : Ni saper?

I hung up, malas nak layan.

2.35 am, my phone rang again..the same number.

Dia : Hello saper nie?
Aku : Ko saper? Aku tak kenal ko? Nak apa?
Dia : Kat mana ni?
Aku : Shah Alam
Dia : Oh Shah Alam..sorry2
Aku : it’s ok…ok bye

I once again hung up.

2.45 am. He called again!

Dia : Betul ke Shah Alam?
Aku : Betul la..abes ko ingat kat mana?
Dia : Jangan tipu…
Aku : Mende ko nie? What the hell do u want? Buat apa aku nak tipu ko?
Dia : Sumpah tak tipu??
Aku : Yeaaaa (starting to get annoyed)
Dia : Cakap la sumpah
Aku : Sumpah!!!!!

Hung up.

2.50 am

Dia : Ni saper?
Aku : Weh..! what the hell do u want?!
Dia : Nak kenal boleh? Awak saper?
Aku : Tak de saper2..aku lelaki..I repeat lelaki! (he’s a man too)

Hung up!

3.00 am

Dia : So??
Aku : Apa! Aku lelaki la bukan perempuan!
Dia : tak per la..nama apa?
Aku : hey look! Aku mengantuk and nak tido besides aku tak kenal ko la!
Dia : Ni yang nak kenal nie..nama saper?
Aku : Fuck you! (I was tired and desperately in need of sleep)

Hung up..again!

3.10 am

Dia : U wanna fuck me??haha
Aku : Sial! Whatever!!

Hung up! Hung up!

3.15 amHe called
3.20 amHe called
3.24 amHe called
3.30 amHe called

I picked up and put my hand phone beneath my pillow.
*Padan muka ko! Habis kredit!

8.00 am

“one text message received from 017-&^%$#@(*

-Hai,Good morning dan Selamat Pagi-


*I wonder how daft and stupid this man is and desperate too!

**Bajet suara seksi aku terpikat la?

***Sorry to dissapoint you, I’m not that kind of guy so please berambus!



7 little things I hate about you!

You’re vain,
You’re games,
You’re insecure,
You love me, you like him,
You made me laugh, you made me cry,
I don’t know which side to buy,
You’re friend, they’re jerks
When you act like them, just know it hurts
I want to be with the one I know,

The 7th thing I hate the most that you do,
You make me LOVE you,

Miley Cyrus???
Yeah I know it’s lame, but I got goose bumps listening to this song
Oh yes, I’m crazy!


P/S : Where can I find the book??


Since I’m continuing hooking up with the band, here’s their latest music video. It’s a song entitled Boys And Girls.

It’s not new, the song but there’s some amendments here and there in the lyrics and the rhythm, the drum’s beat is more vivid.I think.

Well, just enjoy!

*I seriously want to dance like crazy lately to lucidly divert all my problems but since it’s Ramadhan, I’ll keep the intention later.


I think I’m losing my sanity.


No kidding.

I talk to myself.

I sing aloud to the same songs, repeatedly.

I smile alone in the room and on the bed.

I don’t self-praise myself in front of the mirror anymore!

I blush abruptly whenever I spotted beautiful faces.

I always have nightmares, pretty odd ones.

I got awaken amid night by my self conscious, and always ponder on superfluous things.

I think I’m getting bigger and plumper, but my friends said otherwise.

I’m missing home!That’s unbelievably bizarre OK

Crazy people don’t think, miraculously enough I rarely use my mind now.

I currently am hooking up to melancholic ballad songs.

~Tak nak jadi gila, tapi mahu di gilai~