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*Stop and Stare..Don’t!


Stop staring at me!

Firstly this is not an egocentrism even though I think I do have a thick layer of egocentrism, the adult one. People seriously tend to stare at me, ogling from bottom to top.It’s riveting sometimes but at the same time, irritates me. I may look weird and odd in a first glance but on second thought, I’m just a normal guy who like to wear what fits his bod. This is what I wore today




There’s nothing wrong with a jonas-like grey vest, light yellow tee, blazing red scarf, black skinny/slim-fit jeans with silver studded belt, studded checkers wrist band and a glove with a pair of dark red converse equip with striking laces. This may seem a bit peculiar, yes I put on eyeliner which I fancy calling it a guyliner.

Now tell me, do I look like an alien???

Ok, a bit..I admit.


You people really don’t want me to depict their expressions, the stares, the gazes, the sarcastic smile, upon laying their eyes on me. It’s inexplicable. Simply put, you would feel like shouting

What the hell are you looking at?

Tonight’s  song : 1- Pandang2 Jeling2 by Dato Siti with T.S. SM Salim

Photo’s credit: DevianART



This is what happens when you assemble a group of chaps, a boring Kelantanese chaps. We roll on the snooker table, we poke the colorful balls and we brag every time we win the game.

This Snooker and Billiard Club has been a loyal rendezvous since my friends and I went on diverse path in life.Here, we will hop in gusto, smile gleefully whenever a ball is managed to be placed in the hole and roll on the floor stressfully whenever a wrong ball is hit.




*I Believe

Finally finished reading this.
The verdict?

It’s a rare treat. Ahern never fails to make that magical fairytale’s touch onto her books. This one is captivating. However, I must assure you that it revolves around a theme that perhaps many of us aren’t familiar with. Imaginary friends. Some people may find it hard to fathom or succumb to this theme. She blows that magical sprinkles, equips the book with miraculous fairytales and it is no futile.
This book succeeds in making me giggles and scowls.

Recommended…If you believe because I do.



finally, it’s a wrap!

from all the plethora of works and tasks,
from all the assignments,
from all the ferocity of life,

finally, I can stop!

being a friend,
being a student,
being an informal counsellor,
being a jerk,
being a menace,
being a silly admirer,

finally, I don’t have to!

Heed what others think,
fake my smiles again,

because now it’s time!

to be a son,
to be a brother,
to be a grandson,
to be home.

Happy holiday

To friends,
To Foes,
To Loves,
To Crushes


*He’s my friend


Thanks Joe for the warm visit.You have carved a smile upon my face,I really needed that.We talked and we laughed.I taught you how to eat ‘roti canai’.I showed you my house and my room.We sang and I really liked the song.I had a very nice day, we should do it more often, together with the rest of the gang..Ha-ha I call them gang. Oh wait, not so often, they’ll call me a maniac, but who cares?

*I have imaginary friends and Joe is one of them*

~Fret not because this is just another bizarre thing about me, this is just me~

P/S : I wish you were real 😦

[Where would I be if I couldn’t dream?]

Anyone who has imaginary friends..care to share?

*Hold On

~Selamat sejahtera semua~


it’s never wrong to dream

~Keep dreaming~

So today’s theme song is : Hold on by The Jonas Brothers.

*Hujan lebat

Terinspirasi secara tiba-tiba dari teori lucu dan juga diri sendiri.


Semua mahu mengaku seni,
Semua benda mahu di puji,
Oh aku orang seni,
Jiwaku halus,
Tiada yang memahami,
Kamu apa tahu?
Hanya duduk bersendiri,
Melayan emosi,

Semua mahu berubah,
Semua harus di ubah,
Itu tidak boleh,
Ini tidak boleh,
Jiwaku suci,
Jiwaku putih,
Siapa kamu mahu tipu?
Dia tahu siapa kamu,
Berubah itu boleh,
Tapi, ke sini kamu toleh,
Untuk siapa,
Kalau bukan untuk Dia,
Sia-sia namanya,

Semua tidak mengaku hipokrit,
Aku lurus, aku naif, aku baik,
Di depan kamu lain,
Di belakang kamu lain,
Itu lumrah,
Jangan jadi baik,
Kalau pujian yang kamu pinta,
Jangan jadi jahat,
Kalau tak tahu apa bendanya,

Teorinya mudah sahaja,

Seni, berubah dan hipokrit,
Itu semuanya kita,
Ya kita,
Aku, kamu, mereka, juga dia,

Oleh itu,
Senang sahaja ceritanya,
Hanya satu teori,
Jadilah diri sendiri


~this is my way of protesting to some people who just don’t understand~

*It’s not about me*


tagged by T.A.J.U.L long ago, and I’m frigging bored. This would take me for ages to drill into my mind searching the weird things about me.Heck I think I’m weird myself.

State 15 weird things/ habits/ little known facts about yourself.* The 10 people I tag are to then to follow my footsteps and write their own 15 weird things/habits and little known facts

  1. I was dubbed as Che Tak back in high school due to some silly occurrences. I used to despise the name but now I care not.It’s not nice, the name I mean.
  2. I’m a jealous person. Oh yes I am.However, I’m learning to cope with it but it’s damn hard you know. But now I think I manage to handle it well.People say because my eyebrows are literally connected to each other.Kata orang tua2
  3. I can’t look into one’s eyes when talking coz it’s terrifying.I don’t know what ignites it but I just can’t dwell into some one’s eye, either I’ll go blazing red or I’ll have this awkward feeling.
  4. I fall in love within a glimpse I must say. Easily at times even I myself can’t help it. Stupid kan?
  5. I love making faces and I talk to myself. It’s not absurd, it’s just a hobby.I snicker myself and I shower myself with praises.Sebabnya tak ramai puji saya so lebih baik puji diri sendiri, self motivation.Motivasi la sangat!
  6. I love women with high heels coz I think they are sexy that way. Besides it’s not easy to walk with your feet literally like tiptoeing. Also I’m attracted with short-haired women, the shorter the better.Sometimes those who wear purdah too, just looking at their eyes make me wonder about their innerself, I think they are sexy in their own way!
  7. I’m quite a shy guy.Yes.It depends on certain people too.But obviously I’m not that type of guy that will make friends rather too swift. It takes times to get to know me better.
  8. I have an eclectic and eccentric friends, imaginary friends. I have lots of them since I was little up until now.We grew up together. I talk to them, sleep with them, bathe with them and do everything. Jamie is one of the dearest, Fede too and Aqui.Sometimes I will confess to them about my problems. Our friendship is surreal. They have their own life, which I created. But once in a year, we would gather together, it’s like a reunion.
  9. I’m an obsessive person.I can go berserk over something and someone. And when I’m obsessed I can be pretty much annoying.Damn it!
  10. I posses vibrating hands.No kidding.Both my hands vibrate, it’s not an illness, it’s just vibrate and tremble. People can’t look at it or else it’ll vibrate more.Couple of years ago it was like so severe, I have to hold the other one so that it’ll stop trembling.No it’s Parkinson either.It’s just vibrate!
  11. I used to think that I’m a mutant because whenever I gazed at  something, the vision would double.I have migraine, but I used to think that I’m a psychic because of the pain.
  12. I’m a very sensitive person.it depends on situation and the persons too.
  13. I got surprised like shit easily.
  14. I don’t usually afraid of things.Its just I’m so lemah semangat.Once I held the tail of a phython while screaming and bashing the snake till dead. However, my greatest fear is ulat gonggok.Had a traumatic experience when I was little.
  15. I hate my hair, that’s why I fancy looking at other’s hair.My hair has 3 layers of hair ‘dressing’.the first is moisturiser, then the cream/wax/rubber and then I conclude it with a spray yet I think my hair looks ugly.



and so it was tonight that brought me back to the good old days. Reminiscing some memoirs that were etching in my mind.

While watching my friend skating, I felt this adrenaline rushing into my lungs, pumping extra blood. These images of high school’s years came bombarding into my mind.

I used to skate, yes skateboarding. It started since I was in my form 2 in high school and it lasted for roughly about 2 years. I put skating to an end during form 3 for some specific and ample reasons. Dad asked me to focus on PMR and I obliged.*budak baik dulu ni*.

I can easily glide the skateboard, do ollie and simple tricks but I’m not that zealous skater. Maybe because Dad didn’t approve me to skate as I fell numerously and injured myself so often, but no major incident had happened to me except that I nearly dislocated my shoulder because of trying to do a pop-shuvit. I fell on left hand so hard that I nearly broke my arm.

It’s been eons since I rode the skateboard, and tonight I dreaded the feeling. It’s just nostalgic. However, these little knees of mine kept trembling, traumatic perhaps of the past experience that I had survived. I envy those skaters, gliding their skate with poise and grace.

So this question came knocking my mind,

Should I  or should I not continue to skate?

*Tell Me


Don’t pretend
Don’t lie

Tell me I’m such a nuisance
Tell me I’m such a menace


Am I your lover
Am I your admirer

Tell me

Don’t plant me your seed of hope
Don’t water it with your sweet talks
Don’t shine it with your bright promises

I’m a human
Vulnerable to such feeling
Of waiting
Of hoping
Of hurting