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pretty much describes what I’ m feeling at the very moment.

p.s. Say you want me babe,

But you never do,

I feel like such a fool,

there’s nothing I can do,

I’m such a fool for you.


I’m sooo gonna miss you dear Kris!

Be back soon please!!

p.s. To the other Kris, I’m a fool for not listening to your ideas and I feel so bad. I feel so terrible I couldn’t bear looking at your forlorn face. I’m sorry. I really am. I’ve dissapointed you.


It is miraculously absurd on how ones can forget things easily..I’ll never erase the names that inhabit my heart even it is for a plain sojourn.

These go to you..my ex-lovers.

No1:Sorry for letting you go..I am no Adonis, I know where I stand.

No2:Sorry for leaving you unheeded.I was not ready.

No3/4:Thanks for mending my heart..thanks for breaking it again.

No3:Thanks for acknowledging me as your Guardian Angel, I miss that job.

No4:Thanks for your craziness, you impact me the most.

All:Thanks for being the sweetest loverS I could ever ask for.