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This is what happens when you assemble a group of chaps, a boring Kelantanese chaps. We roll on the snooker table, we poke the colorful balls and we brag every time we win the game.

This Snooker and Billiard Club has been a loyal rendezvous since my friends and I went on diverse path in life.Here, we will hop in gusto, smile gleefully whenever a ball is managed to be placed in the hole and roll on the floor stressfully whenever a wrong ball is hit.




*I Believe

Finally finished reading this.
The verdict?

It’s a rare treat. Ahern never fails to make that magical fairytale’s touch onto her books. This one is captivating. However, I must assure you that it revolves around a theme that perhaps many of us aren’t familiar with. Imaginary friends. Some people may find it hard to fathom or succumb to this theme. She blows that magical sprinkles, equips the book with miraculous fairytales and it is no futile.
This book succeeds in making me giggles and scowls.

Recommended…If you believe because I do.



finally, it’s a wrap!

from all the plethora of works and tasks,
from all the assignments,
from all the ferocity of life,

finally, I can stop!

being a friend,
being a student,
being an informal counsellor,
being a jerk,
being a menace,
being a silly admirer,

finally, I don’t have to!

Heed what others think,
fake my smiles again,

because now it’s time!

to be a son,
to be a brother,
to be a grandson,
to be home.

Happy holiday

To friends,
To Foes,
To Loves,
To Crushes



Happy belated and becoming birthday!

30 sept 2008


Coated with sugar.
Don’t make her laugh you’ll regret it.
Don’t make her cry, she won’t regret it.


05 oct 2008


Dubbed as Wan Chai also. I prefer Wawan, ‘Chai’ sounds a lil bit icky.
Talented but don’t be deceived by his cuteness or ‘chomelness’.
He’s more than meet the eye.
I covet his voice, OK honestly I fall for his voice.
Always intended to cut his throat and steal his miraculous voice but I keep delaying it.
I’m his first, biggest, fanatical fan!

Psycho tak aku Wawan??


12 oct 2008

.Bad N Din.

The one with the snow cap is Din and the left is Bad, the brother.

A twin, obviously.
I’m his self-proclaimed third twin brothers.
Can’t go anywhere without them or at least one of them.
Hilariously odd, yes they are!
Both have attached so girls, no chance.
I always laugh my head off whenever they are around.
Sometimes dorky but sometimes can be a lil bit smart too.
Athletic, both of them.
They could go berserk over any sports, especially football.


14 oct 2008

Moja N Azry

TESL would probably be a boring course if these two imps were not around.

No further description, they are famous enough!

*Dedication 1

Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir Batin

Raya was good, I mean great and such extravagant. I enjoyed it to the fullest despite some episodes of ‘drama swasta’ or telenovela that occured, every thing else went smoothly. The two days open house was full and crowded with relatives. Ummi’s lontong and Nasi Dagang for the 1st day were salivating. My carbonara and spagetti for the 2nd was quite an achievement too. The five days break were spent beneficially with my cousins, bantering and bickering with each others.It was hell of a fun!.


I’ve been thinking to not blog about this but seems that I have not blog about anything for the past 2 days, I succumb to the temptation and I’ll try to do as simple and shorts as I can be.The Pidato was a hell of a fun. I enjoyed myself to the fullest. I am the kind of guy who is in favor of watching people giving brilliant speeches. I fancy English but today’s event makes me realize how beautiful BM can be. How could they construct such sentences flowingly without any slip of the tongue? I salute all speakers regardless of how well they deliver their speech.

I participated as one of the runners together with all my other friends and I was the one who escorted and ushered the English participants for the events. I always look forward to meeting new people to boost my level of self confidence but alas, things got way out of my hand.*I don’t care what you guys want to say after this*.They are so friendly and even some of them get so mutually friendlier than anybody else. But lets look at the bright side OK, nothing happens, just a couple of lovely act of getting new friends I must say.

I was left in awe during the BM sessions, there’s a myriad styles of delivering that the participants possessed. Today, it widens my thought that I am proud of our language.It is beautifully constructed pragmatically and syntactically. Kudos to them!

I certainly am looking forward for the final!


I’ll be as short as I can. So here are what I have been hooking up currently:

1.Music : Kill Hannah’s Hope For The Hopeless

2.Books : In progress with A Thousand Splendid Suns

3.Tv : Euro 2008

4.Others :

# I’m broke!

# Eyes swollen with bags-due to Euro-

# Suffocated with my messy hair

# Turning couch potato!

# Lazy to update the blog

# Still overwhelmed with the result

# Been haunting by terrible nightmares!

# I miss my FRIENDS!

Shorty short it is!


The activity for this sem closing, picnicking at Putarajaya with a bunch of crazy loving people.

From Up(clock wise), Freaky, Tatie, Cip, Izza, Azri, Me, Nad, Moja and Liyana.


Due to my previous entries which has caused some heated argument among my friends and my newly found ‘FRIENDS’,I have decided to pen this entry. I, hereby WARN any human beings with or without mind from having the slightest idea of hurting my friends. You have to bear me first if someone hurt my friends verbally or non-verbally, physically or emotionally and in any acts that can make them hurt or angry or feeling depressed or in whatever states that they don’t fancy.

I nearly shed my tears for the support my friends gave me last night, seriously because of a bunch of people who is so desperate of attention and who claims they are better than any one!. Dear readers of my blog, I sincerely appreciate that u found my blog and lend me your eyes on what I am crapping here but please..please and please do not judge me. U can give your comment but make it as constructive as it may be even you despise what I am rambling in my blog here. These kind of people that is always deteriorating my motivation to blog.So please, if u want to give your brilliant insight or whatever, do it in a proper way.Don’t just go and keep bashing blatantly not knowing what the entry is all about.

You can mock,sneer me but please don’t judge and bash my friends for standing up for me!Don’t ever try to speak ill of them or else u have to face me!I’m not that strong but hey I once learned taekwondo and don’t ever provoke me.

I’ll kick your butt..if I can’t..

I’ll nudge your eyes..if I can’t..

I’ll punch or slap you hard in the face..if I can’t..

I’ll pull you hair..if I just can’t..

I’ll broke you cars or whatever things that u love..I can do that



The author,


P/S :That is so EM*..n friends, the three words are banned to be used in this blog as it MAY hurts some of my DEAR READERS..(this is an utterly SARCASM).Before reading further here in my blog, please do aware of the tagline..my STORIES,my LIFE, MY WORD..


These are some marvellous quotes I stumble upon while googling the net. Taken from a site called Emo corner. I smile upon laying my eyes on it. They are cool. Have a look at these :

1.The bitterest tears shed over graves are for words left unsaid and deeds left undone.

2.I cry for the time that you were almost mine, I cry for the memories I’ve left behind, I cry for the pain,the lost,the old, the new, I cry for the times I’ve thought I had you.

3.Not all scars show, not all wounds heal, Sometimes you can’t always feel the pain someone feels.

4.What’s the sense of wishing when I always just wish it away.

5.Every night I talk to the stars pretending it’s you..it acts just like you tho..far away and never replies to my questions.

6.Why do people tell you to believe in what you want to but then tell you not to believe in one true thing you do believe in.

7.Times is a precious thing to waste..but friends are more precious.

8.Kiss me..I’m EMO!

9.The sad truth is that most evil is done by people who never make up their minds to be good or evil.

10.The saddest aspect of life right now is that science gathers knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom.

11.Do not assume that he who seeks to comfort you now lives untroubled among the simple and quiet world that sometimes do you good. His life may also have sadness and difficulty, far more beyond yours.Were it otherwise he would never have been able to find this world.

P/S: Sometimes it feels so relieved to let your emotion out to play..