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I’m tensed, thanks for the educational psychology that is due tomorrow.Added the fact that I can’t sleep for the past few days but Alhamdulillah, semalam bisa tutup mata ini walaupun sekejap. So I just want to share this marvellous piece of art.I was merely on the brink of breaking down the first time I laid my eyes on this video. Taken from the event that I attended couple of weeks ago, Hari Bintang Jatuh, here’s Fynn Jamal :

~Mari menangis bersama-sama~

*Seni itu Art

Pictures can be deceiving. But it all depends on you how to view them. Pictures too offer you a myriad, eclectic range of thoughts. Yesterday, Hari Bintang Jatuh, my gaze was held captive by the beautiful vistas taken by our very own talented youngsters. I was amazed,petrified and inspired as well. The atmosphere there was so relaxing, the hospitality was great.Thanks to Wany Ardy.There was also a screening of short films by students of UiTM.It feels rejuvenating to see adolescents devoting their time for such  brilliant works and their passions, photography and so on. Beautiful and riveting musics were heard downstairs, it was the acoustic performances by many many talented our own musicians, Malaysian musician.The music were so authentically genuine.

~some of the terrific performances~

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