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I have returned.

Firstly, a frank apologize for leaving the blog unattended for quite a while. I’ve made a pact actually, to cherish the holiday without any internet connections and God do I survive. It’s been around 3 weeks without it. So now, you know why I haven’t reply all your comments and the reason of me not updating it.

I have loads to share. It feels so riveting to be back.



finally, it’s a wrap!

from all the plethora of works and tasks,
from all the assignments,
from all the ferocity of life,

finally, I can stop!

being a friend,
being a student,
being an informal counsellor,
being a jerk,
being a menace,
being a silly admirer,

finally, I don’t have to!

Heed what others think,
fake my smiles again,

because now it’s time!

to be a son,
to be a brother,
to be a grandson,
to be home.

Happy holiday

To friends,
To Foes,
To Loves,
To Crushes



A week of break from university life, a hell load of fun!

1.Friday, Saturday and Sunday : Runners for the public speaking

The verdict :Full of fun! Want more!

*no specific reasons

2.Monday : Crashing the pins! Aka Bowling

The verdict: Fun! Need more!

3.Tuesday : Chefs in action, cheesecakes and smooth cookies!

The verdict: Overwhelmed by inexplicable mucus

4.Wednesday : Picnicking at FRIM, crashed Hafriz’s abode and Malacca visit(sending Nazz)

The verdict : Fun, lethargic and nostalgic

5.Thursday : Shoes’ design!

The verdict: artistic

Friday, Saturday and Sunday : Assignment’s devotion!

The verdict: Stress and romantic