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It’s been raining cats and dogs for the past few days.
The downpour somehow is restricting my movements. The sun can barely be seen. The atmosphere has been so damp and wet. I’ve been lingering at home aimlessly.
Goyang kaki.






These vistas were taken at the back of my home, a walking distance. My new hobby for the sem break, capturing photos and cycling when the rain stops.



finally, it’s a wrap!

from all the plethora of works and tasks,
from all the assignments,
from all the ferocity of life,

finally, I can stop!

being a friend,
being a student,
being an informal counsellor,
being a jerk,
being a menace,
being a silly admirer,

finally, I don’t have to!

Heed what others think,
fake my smiles again,

because now it’s time!

to be a son,
to be a brother,
to be a grandson,
to be home.

Happy holiday

To friends,
To Foes,
To Loves,
To Crushes