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I finished reading my 5th book for the sem, Carry Me Down by M.J. Hyland. I grabbed it last Wednesday at Popular together with Albom’s For One More Day-Yes I know I have read it back then but unfortunately I got a vast different conclusion from what the book offers-.Popular is having a sale on books currently and the members are entitled to have 20 % off while non-members happy for the 10 % price cut. The book is wonderful as it is short-listed for The Man Booker Prize 2006. The story is inexplicable and I really don’t know how to depict it, seriously, because it is so simply written with understated prose. John Egan is an eleven years old boy who is perplexed with himself and his family, a brave, resourceful, intelligent and self-aware yet skating on the edge of madness. He is real but surreal in his own way. The novel is sincerely genuine and I just could feel John’s existence whenever I lay my eyes on it. Sometimes I found myself in the confounding state of John.

It’s the cover of the page that captured my attention while strolling in Popular last week. I gambled to read it coz I could feel this strange feeling as I lay my hands on it.So it was, a really elevating novel.Recommended and five star from me!


Yup, the break that everyone is eagerly waiting like hell. I need a break too but by far this sem break is long..too long!.Boredom is slowly eating me up.Adding salt to the matter is the fact that  I have no internet connection here at home.Sigh.The daily routine is waking up, eating which I consider gaining some kilos, reading,watching TV and roaming around the same place with my friends.

Thank God that I brought home some books as a supplement for my brain which I believe has been so rusty.Cecilia Ahern’s P/S I love you, A place Called Here and Where Rainbow Ends, You don’t know Me by David Klass and The Myths of You and Me.

I finished reading Klass’s You Don’t Know Me last night and once again it touched me in the heart. I read the book once and nearly wept my tears and succumbed to the forlorn gloomy story of John. It is a marvelous story, the protagonist pretty much resembles me, how he likes to imagine things and lives in his own created imaginary world.It’s a five star from me!

Before returning home, I made up my mind to stick to the routine that I have planned. I would like to spent my evening time to go jogging at the park..but as you would know it, it is all futile.Damn it!.We have some kind of thingamajig, that I would say a very bizarre exercise machine.Don’t know what it is but for sure something from the Smart Shop.Whatever it is!

Ants are a very serious matter here at home. We are sharing the house with a large population of black ants which I despise!.It is severely attacking every single thing in the house, to the food and even my bed!.Despite the fact that there are an immensely population of mushroom growing wildly at the backyard of my house, I could not ask for the ample reason for the fast breeding of the ants.Mum said this is their season, the ants!.

Uncle is doing a business of growing and breeding mushroom and he’s taking control of the backyard and the downstairs.So the daily menu is..guess what??..mushroom!!Big bro has left his nixon camera at home..well too bad coz I’m gonna make full use of it!

Enough with all the crapping!

P/S: Counting the days of Roxy Summer’s Splash!