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The utmost guilty pleasure is back.

Joseph was spotted with a new hairdo and I am flabbergasted. The JoeHawk is back people. Another reason to love him more.

He looks way better in this, much better.

How delicious!


p.s. So I guess it’s time for a new hairdo for me too.

*Crushin’ hard*

Free fallin’ by Joe Jonas. Original song sung by Tom Petty.

I know Joe does not have the best of voice in the world but he did great covering the song. My heart always skips a beat. Eventho the shrieking screaming sound is tad annoying but please pay no heed to that. Joe sang it with his heart and that somehow jabbed some kind of a majestically romantic ambience that lingers around it, at least that’s what I thought and feel.

Joseph, sing for me please and the world would be ours. Simply ours.

Oh how can I not adore you?

Joseph = Love

p.s. I’m a bad boy.

*Oh My Jonas*

Since Tatie unintentionally posted a video about the lame story of Taylor and Joe, which definitely makes Joe looks like a jerk, this is just a soft retaliation by me. The other version of the story.


Oh I do adore Taylor but I love Joe more.

Besides, I’m enjoying the ‘best of both’ world, if you get what I meant.


I still love you too Tatie.

p.s. maybe the heart moved on (Joe). My heart has moved on too, at least that’s what I think.

*the remedy*

When I’m upset over something or am having some mood swing or am furious over little things and such, I tune in to these :

This one is rather plain insane and stupidly funny.

This is hysterically and feverishly hilarious. I’ll burst out into frantic laugh every time I watch this.

They never fail to make me laugh my head off. I mean who will not laugh at this disturbingly funny moments. It’s stupid, yes I admit it but still, it can make you at least smile kan.

Yeah I know, a crazy fan like me would go berserk over such discreet matters. But who cares??

How can you not like these boys?