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This random picture of colorful brooms I snapped while waiting for my PTE class this evening.


Venue : Washroom, Faculty of Education

p/s : I’m having a writer’s block right now and some inner conflicts as well, can’t think and can’t write sanely.


This is for my friend, Eim who is struggling very hard in his life, love,study and everything.


To eim

Be strong as your name is and because I know you are. Even if you are on the verge of breaking down, I will always have faith on you. I feel you because I myself am experiencing this, the different is I’m trying to adapt to it. You too eim, you should. Life isn’t what it seems. Sometimes we will not get what we want and sometimes we do. I don’t know how to say this coz you know me, I’m expert at listening and snickering but not giving advices. But be sure that there will always be a blessing in disguise for you stranded in that course that you hate. Don’t give up dear, don’t ever succumb to that option. I’ll be praying for our success.I’ll always be here for you to turn to.

Your sincerely,


P/S: Photos are not attached because ‘tuan punya nama’ doesn’t permit it.



~The greatest LOVE is when you can put your brightest smile and be happy for whom you love when he/she loves someone else~

How hard is that?


I couldn’t get the coziest sleep for the past few days. Nightmares were haunting my nights, tailing me into the dreamland. Some were bizarre; some were hilariously odd while some were nostalgic. Ex-es, best friends and even crushes, they never stops making me nudging my mind searching for the answers. They left me contemplating, deep.

I don’t know where I am now

I don’t know what I’m doing now

I don’t know who am I now

I am neither floating on the thin air nor walking on the stony ground. I can’t cry when I want to, but tears rolled down my cheek hastily without my permission. I’m happy and am trying to be happy. I tried not to think of the past and the future. I try to do my best in the present. I try to stay calm from the bad perceptions people blatantly threw at me. I try to view things positively whenever people judge me. I’m trying and still.

Something is missing and I couldn’t find the answer to what it is. It’s inexplicable. I’m pursuing the trails of I myself don’t even have an inkling to what I’m searching for.

Maybe LOVE.

Or perhaps LIFE.

I got crushes everyday whenever somebody caught my attention. It’s absurd indeed.

Something is really missing.

I don’t know how long I’m going to endure this.