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*Enam itu menawan*

Selamat menjalankan tugas kepada Perdana Menteri Malaysia (yang tercinta) yang ke 6/enam. Semoga Malaysia aman di bawah pemerintahanmu!

Background lagu Negaraku~

p.s. To those who are oblivious to what I’m talking about, Datuk Seri Najib has been legally announced as the 6th prime minister of Malaysia yesterday (kot).

p.p.s. Sampai sekarang aku masih kasihan dengan Pak Lah, tapi ok la, at least dia dapat tidur dengan aman sekarang~ *gelak orang kaya*


Bendera berkibar,

laungan bergema,

Lagu di nyanyikan,


Tahukah kita erti sebenarnya?


I love Malaysia despite the fact that I always comment, critic and sneer Her.Malaysia is purely authentic.Where people live happily and jovially with each other despite their races or religion.

Come on PEOPLE, let’s make Her the way she is.Stop the nonsense!,stop the buttering, speak out and act coz it’s not wrong to act to make THEM realize.When someone is no longer incapable of doing his/her job, we pass it to others that are FAR more eligible and YOU will be remembered.It’s enough for you, as a citizen I pity you for letting the People to butter you up, pointing off your own blunders because for heaven sake, they have their own agendas.Think Sir,please coz this is the first time the situation makes me shiver so hard.

I SALUTE those who contributed to my country growth.


Being at home makes me realize about so many things.I’ve been watching the news lately and kinda shock with all the trial and tribulations that are happening in the outside world of mine.The mayhem, the murders, the stupid comment by a stupid person that is smug to be called a jury(I’m referring to Gangstarz..haha), the deplorably shocking exit of Mahathir from UMNO and so on and so forth.

All the tribulations some times ponder me about Malaysia, what is happening to it or what are people turning it to be?.So many trials and murders which sometimes are absurdly scary. I’ve been plunging my head watching telly coz that’s the only entertainment I could get here except my lappy.

Malaysia again lose Piala Thomas.Sigh.I was cheering the team like hell when they aired it on TV a couple of days ago.For some silly player, we lose to China.I was like screaming my lung out, yelling and swearing.Mum was aghast with all the acts of my siblings yelling and swearing too.I was demented by the performance of a player that seriously don’t know how to play!He should not call himself a professional!.

I am currently devoting myself finishing Ahern’s Where Rainbow Ends.It is fun to read. It makes me reminisce my old time friend when we used to argue a lot during the school years. Going to Popular to grab some new books since my Takaful’s cheque has been deposited in my account and maybe some shopping.

P/S:A month before the new sem and a couple of weeks before the result!