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*Helmi..Read This!!!*

I couldn’t get the coziest sleep since Mr Helmi and his friend,Mr Zamri posted an entry on their blog listing all the songs in Siti’s Nurhaliza latest album. A pang of defeat hit me hard.Those guys are currently in UK, Newcastle(I think) yet they manage to grab the song right before I could listen to it.

(Insert sessi sumpah-menyumpah mereka di sini..haha kidding..seriously I’m kidding)

But yesterday was a blessing(blessing la sangat) coz I finally got my hand on the album! and it’s free..I repeat F.R.E.E


A heartfelt thanks to these three guys, Moja,Chip and Azri for ‘coercely’ getting me this as my belated birthday present!

I know this is nothing extra ordinary about this but hey, there’s a point to brag here.Haha.

So Helmi, anda jealous tak?

Tolong la cemburu..coz the first time I hold this album, in a sudden this name blurted from my mind, H.E.L.M.I, sounds familiar right since I have no other friends by this name who’s sharing the same interest with me so obviously it’s you.

*gelak evil*

p/s : A huge thanks also goes to those who surprised me with the birthday cake on New Year’s Eve, you guys and girls could vividly see how excited I was, I went berserk, jumping in gusto upon glimpsing my name on the cake!


If I could turn back time,
I would grasp all the moment we spent together.

If I could turn back time,
I would not let you go.

If I could turn back time,
I would not fall for you wholeheartedly.

If I could turn back time,
I would be more wiser in choosing.

If I could turn back time,
I would take the road more traveled by.

If I could turn back time,

I would,

But I just couldn’t,

Coz the sun is shining,


Today will always be brighter than yesterday.


I’m staring at my Polo swatch endlessly. I just can’t pay no heed to the sound of the watch ticking, torturing me.The fact is I’m waiting the time to strike at 5 coz we’re having this pot luck in our house. We woke up around 7 am to clean and reorganize the room. To make matter worst, I haven’t consume any large substance into the stomach.Just had a couple plastic of biscuits that I bought yesterday downstairs.The stomach is giving me a hard time.How absurd it is that whenever we are craving for something, whenever we are excited about some matters, the time will really put a good hard show to us. Like wise, if we are enjoying the things to the fullest, in a glance the time will running out, leaving us with no remorse. Ironic is it?We will never beat the time but it will always beat us easily.

Sometimes we yearn for the time to stop ticking,pausing for a moment.

Sometimes we yearn for the time to take us to the past.

Sometimes we yearn for the time to take us further ahead in the future.

Unfortunately, none of those will happen. We could keep dreaming about it.Hallucinating about travelling back and forth.We want to beat the time.We want to be far ahead it.Some people are in short of the time but many are there to be wasted. So we can’t actually describe the time in such a way.It’s how we perceive it.It’s how we manage our time whether it will be enough to us or it will be wasted wholly.

So guys, beware the time will always be running towards us!

See, it really can run!

It will never work guys no matter how u curse it!