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I detest.

p.s. When I think I may have found someone.


I sometimes hate Jamie.

I think what he’s doing to Sunshine is a pure act of SELFISHNESS.

Jamie is indecisive, sometimes.
He can’t make up his mind.

I know why.
He misses Sunshine.

I’m sorry.

p.s. I smoked today. Bad acad!

*The Hopeless Hope*


I woke up at 4.28 in the morning. Got off from my cozy yet searing bed and went to the kitchen. Opened the mouth of the refrigerator and reached for my 100 plus drink. I slowly sipped it while the gleaming but insipid yellow light from the refrigerator lightened the kitchen and some part of the living room. The kitchen-and exactly in front of the refrigerator with its door open-, is always my favourite spot to sit. So I sat with my 100 plus drink between my legs and contemplated about things that I shouldn’t be bothered with.

Whatever it is and whatever the future is going to be ahead me, I will always be grateful for what I have. I will not lament about things that are trivial and picayune.

In the dark, there will always be light.

Sunshine, will you be my light? Will you guide me? Will you fly with me?

p.s. The way you make me feel. It’s surreal.