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*I Believe

Finally finished reading this.
The verdict?

It’s a rare treat. Ahern never fails to make that magical fairytale’s touch onto her books. This one is captivating. However, I must assure you that it revolves around a theme that perhaps many of us aren’t familiar with. Imaginary friends. Some people may find it hard to fathom or succumb to this theme. She blows that magical sprinkles, equips the book with miraculous fairytales and it is no futile.
This book succeeds in making me giggles and scowls.

Recommended…If you believe because I do.

*Tell Me


Don’t pretend
Don’t lie

Tell me I’m such a nuisance
Tell me I’m such a menace


Am I your lover
Am I your admirer

Tell me

Don’t plant me your seed of hope
Don’t water it with your sweet talks
Don’t shine it with your bright promises

I’m a human
Vulnerable to such feeling
Of waiting
Of hoping
Of hurting