Another chapter in my life is about to be closed and ended. A chapter that is full of hugs, kisses, loves, spit and shit!.There goes my sem break.After a couple of days of vigorously hunting for jobs around Shah Alam, which all are futile, I’m going home tonight.Returning to my root after approximately 5 months of refuging in Shah Alam. I have succumbed to the fact that searching for jobs is not an easy task.Now I know the crux of why there are many unemployed graduates out there.So, here are my walks that I have taken through out the semester, in random order :

# I was a Cusromer Service Assistant at MPH Sacc Mall during the previous sem break.
# Went to the adrenalin-pumping of My Chemical Romance Live in KL.
# Experienced the first time of working during Hari Raya Haji last year, without celebrating it with my beloved family.
# Got my first officially salary around RM900 for 29 days of torturing works at MPH.
# Handed around Rm1000 to my mum for safe keeping and future use (500 from the salary and from the PTPTN)
# Joined a brilliant drama production as a stage crew.
# A part of Whoa! Willow’s family (refer above).
# Met with a couple of fun crazy loving people, the screwed crews!
# Officially a part of Ethos! Society.
# I’m an active blogger.
# Celebrated Valentine’s with my three friends.
# A social smoker (smoke socially).
# Broke my oath of not smoking again (refer above).
# Went to Jay Chou’s World Tour in KL.
# A ‘petugas’ at 2008 Robocon at UKM ( thanks to Herne)
# Got a sinful crush at someone in Fac who’s taking the same course *blush blush*.
# Successfully painted my nails with black.
# Became more ‘whory’ in front of the camera!
# Clean from any serious relationship!
# Still trying to forget my previous ex.
# Failed the audition of minoring in music.
# Play guitar even tho the progress is at a snail’s pace (thanks to Nel).
# Nominated for the Head of Information Department for Ethos! ( Thanks to Bert).
# The Head of Ethos! Information Department.
# An editor-to-be for Tesl Repulic, the official Ethos! newsletter.
# Spent my PTPTN until the last piece of it.
# Smugly depended on the PTPTN for my 3 months of studying!.
# Had a joyful fun picnicking at Putrajaya with my crazy friends.
# Walked from Sec 9 Komuter to my home at Sec 16!.
# Still searching for a job for the sem break.
# Outrageously became so ‘famous’ for a couple of weeks (Xoxo).
# Looking forward to attend Roxy Summer Splash at Sunway Lagoon.
# In a crucial mission of persuading Mum for a car!

These are the frigging episode of my second sem in my pursuit of happiness. These ‘walks’ coloured my appalling life. Some may be trivial while some are vital.

To everyone-friends,foes,lovers and ex-lovers,bloggers-thanks for cherishing my gloomy life!

God Bless, see you next sem!You are such a Darling!

P/S: There is a huge odds that this blog of mine will be left untouched for quite a while.