An ordinary person who thinks he is extra ordinary. Simple yet complicated, he is. Thinks he is good looking, cute and handsome but none matches his persona. Introverted, but sometimes can be extroverted only to certain people. A delicate smile, a comfortable shoulder, annoyingly funny yet a sworn enemy he can be. Envious, or to make it formal, a competitive person. A mixture of sweetness and bitterness. Laughing is what he does best, and a full-time dreamer. To some extent can be a little bit emotional and sensitive. A frank guileless smile would suffice to make him happy. A buoyant chap who is a little quiet yet likes to talk, advisable not to ignite the conversation. He talks and he mutes at the same time, can’t argue with that. A fashion freak who loves wearing what fits his body. Consciously aware of other’s perception towards him. A so-called environmentalist who can’t help but curse and swear those who litter right in front of his very eyes. A person who’s fragile to such feeling that any human being can and can’t endure albeit all the peculiar things he possesses.