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Football is for everyone, for all and sundry, for people from every nook and corner of the world who find pleasure in it. Football it is, if there is something that fuses and binds people together around the world. The word ‘Goal’ is used ubiquitously over the globe; it’s the one and only word that illustrates the scene when a ball leaps the net. People forget their roots, skin-colour, religion, and gender, everything when cheering for their much-loved clubs or country. The Coke ad depicts all, when an Indian and a Chinese, supporting the same country, cheering with their mother tongue and eventually end up hugging each other for the goal.

However, still they are people who are so shallow, narrow-minded who deny the beauty in football.

“A man who does not play football is not a man; they should change their sexuality”.

I was aghast and my friends shrugged. We grinned at this daft uneducated thought. Haughtily, this boy started to narrate how he would spend his evening playing football fervently. He said that we could be their pom-pom girl. Tears rolled down my cheek laughing like at a mad man. My friends said that this bigot had gone loco. How can he simply create such excruciating hypothesis? In a glimpse, we were in a fracas and some of his friends were so stalwart supporting him. I muted, observing the asinine squabble like always. It is always futile to scuffle with this…let’s call him a chauvinist.

Nevertheless, the salient point here is how hilarious people can be, how amusing their brains work. It is inexplicable that they are still beings that view things stereotype-ly. They bring into limelight matters that are trifling and trivial. For them, football, basketball and other masculine sports are merely for man. This is utterly an act of nepotism. Men who do not play football are barely intolerable. Women will stay in the kitchen, stuffing rice, cooking and catering the needs of the opposites. This is severely a pre-independence thought.

I would say it is a hobby. A plain hobby. While people enjoy drenching with scintillating sweat kicking a ball on the field, others take pleasure watching the game. Besides, these breed of chaps may pretty well verse on how to kick ball. Like I said, they prefer to cheer and watch rather than kick! Therefore, the point of who is who is vaguely extraneous, who should play and who should cheer are lucidly off the hook.


I’ll be as short as I can. So here are what I have been hooking up currently:

1.Music : Kill Hannah’s Hope For The Hopeless

2.Books : In progress with A Thousand Splendid Suns

3.Tv : Euro 2008

4.Others :

# I’m broke!

# Eyes swollen with bags-due to Euro-

# Suffocated with my messy hair

# Turning couch potato!

# Lazy to update the blog

# Still overwhelmed with the result

# Been haunting by terrible nightmares!

# I miss my FRIENDS!

Shorty short it is!