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*the remedy*

When I’m upset over something or am having some mood swing or am furious over little things and such, I tune in to these :

This one is rather plain insane and stupidly funny.

This is hysterically and feverishly hilarious. I’ll burst out into frantic laugh every time I watch this.

They never fail to make me laugh my head off. I mean who will not laugh at this disturbingly funny moments. It’s stupid, yes I admit it but still, it can make you at least smile kan.

Yeah I know, a crazy fan like me would go berserk over such discreet matters. But who cares??

How can you not like these boys?


Does Laziness have a cure??

If yes..somebody please send me one.

Why do all things are not Free??

Can’t Money be obtained while doing nothing??

If yes..I’m the king of the world!

Can’t we pass exam with flying colours without plunging our head on studying??

P/S:These are just a silly and wacky thoughts of mine..