Calling all raccoons in the city!

Hear ye,

Hear ye,

Mat is here to save us from the judge mentalist people outside this cruel world where we always ended like running from a gang of starving wolves. This nocturnal rodent is continuing writing his blog for us to know that we aren’t the only nocturnal rodent with eye-liner in the city. I assure you that his blog is annoyingly hilarious and written with some sense of bizarre yet aggravating prose.

Mat Devine is the front man of the band Kill Hannah, the band that currently I’m addicted to so badly. I always admire him. He’s good looking, he has a very sexy husky voice and an adequate sense of humor. He’s my fashion guru I tell you. Oddly yes he is.

If you’re a raccoon, you’ll find his blog as cozy and feels like home.

Are you a raccoon?

If Yes,

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More of Mat!

I love their official logo.

I want the glove so bad!